English Olympiad Winners

It was a moment of immence pleasure, to felicitate our Primary wing students for English Olympiad Competition results. Students bagged 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions and were awarded with certificates and medals. We applauded the efforts of our bright students and congratulated them for their remarkable feat.

Special Assembly on Republic Day

"One individual may die for an idea, but that idea will, after his death, incarnate itself in a thousand lives. " - Subhash Chandra Bose
India is known for its rich history and the sacrifices of several patriots. Today's Assembly was in commemoration of our 71st Republic Day which is observed on 26th January every year.  Students began the day with chanting of Gayatri Mantra followed by Student talk on the significance of this day.  Pre  Primary wing students spoke upon National Symbols, National Colours and National Leaders.  Song and dance performances were mesmerizing and reminded us of the great Independence leaders who have fought for our freedom. Audience was enlightened to experience today's Assembly. Towards the end, our Principal ma'am shared her valuable thoughts.

Workshop of teachers on 'Class Interaction'

“The strength of our student relationships makes the difference in
translating our passion for teaching into their passion for learning.”
- Beth Morrow Keeping this thought in mind and to ensure the progress of the school, it is imperative to keep the teachers well-informed with the changing trends in education and various creative teaching techniques.  As part of this enterprise, RPS International School Sec 50 Gurugram organized a workshop for the teachers on Wednesday, 21th January 2020 on the topic ‘Class interaction’.  The highly knowledgeable resource person
and the Founder director of Excellence Educo Mr. Bhaavesh Suryakant conducted the workshop.
Mr. Bhaavesh started the workshop with an ice breaker, sharing his
experiences and knowledge in this field. He apprised the teachers in
detail about creative thinking, communication skills, developing value system etc. During his interactive session Mr.Bhaavesh addressed the queries of the teachers. The workshop was informative and much

Lohri Celebrations

Lohri, a harvest festival  was celebrated at RPS International School Sec 50 Gurugram with a lot of enthusiasm and fervor.  Lohri marks the end of the winter season .Therefore, it is a seasonal festival. It is also considered a harvest festival and it is an important day for the farmers. Amidst the cold weather of new year 2020, the school staff experienced some respite as they were involved in a spirit of celebrating Lohri, the festival of holy bonfire. The School Principal Mrs. Bindu Gupta lit the fire. Everyone worshipped the holy fire and groundnuts and sweets were also distributed to all. After Poojan, everyone danced and sang around the bonfire. Giddha and Bhangra Dance was performed by the teachers. They sang the traditional song ”Dulla Bhatti Wala”.Entire campus boomed with ecstasy as the teachers celebrated Lohri and welcomed new year with a lot of exuberance and fanfare. Mrs. Bindu Gupta greeted the teachers present on the occasion of the festival and stressed on the value …

Field Trip to Heritage Transport Muesuem of students of class III

As they say... practical learning is the best form and today’s generation thrives on it!!!
Keeping the same in mind , an educational field trip to the 'Heritage Transport Museum' was organised for students of class 3 on Thursday, 19-12-19. It proved to be a great learning opportunity for the young minds! The students of class 3 could relate their class based learning with this real life experience. The students were shown different transport sections including old means of travel, cycles, bikes, aeroplanes, cars, trucks and ships. In these sections, they were explained about the invention of wheel and the development of these means of transport. The students were exalted to see how people used to travel during non-mechanized era. Later, the future bike model rose their curiosity to an even higher level. The inquisitive students were eager to know more and were answered to their full satisfaction. Overall, the whole trip was full of excitement and learning.

Filled Trip to Post Office of class I

Excursions are means of educating ourselves on how certain things work and how we rely on them. In an educative and fun filled trip students of class I visited the Post Office today (13/12/19) and learnt about the services provided by it to the public.
The Post Master was happy to answer all the queries when approached by our curious lot by taking them around to see how letters are collected, segregated, stamped and then sorted in pigeon holes for the Postmen to collect.
It was altogether a great learning experience especially in this Era of mobile and email.


RPS sector 50 Gurugram strongly believes in the parent-school partnership!!
For the same, the morning of Saturday, 07-12-19 started with a positive hustle of parents coming to school for the PTM.
The day was extremely fruitful as constructive feedback was shared by the teachers to the parents w.r.t their academic and extra curricular performance. Steps and measures for improvement were also discussed for the holistic development of each child!!